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Beyonce Perfumes

With the best-selling Heat collection, including Heat, Heat Kissed, Midnight Heat, or the newest fragrance, Heat Seduction, alongside the wonderfully unique Rise and Pulse.
it seems that the US super-star can do no wrong. Beyoncé creates her perfume with great attention to detail in the same way she writes her music, making sure they reflect her confidence, style as well as giving power to women.
Heat was the star’s first fragrance, followed shortly after with Heat Rush and Midnight Heat. As she adds fragrances to her global empire, discover the latest scent, Heat Seduction. Each scent expresses Beyoncé’s sensuality and elegance, and features a unique orchid, her favourite flower!

Beyonce Perfumes have shown to be successful amongst fragrances for women, there are total of 14 perfumes in the fragrance collection. There are 3 main core perfumes in the overall Beyonce perfume range. These include Beyonce heat, Beyonce Pulse & Beyonce Rise. Each of the 3 range have sub categories underneath those.  Beyonce Perfumes are predominately tailored towards women. 

Beyonce Heat has a very sweet fruity accord that is available in different sizes including 30ml, 50ml and 100ml EDT perfumes.  

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