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Adidas Natural Vitality Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml Women's Fragrance

Adidas Natural Vitality Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml Women's Fragrance

Adidas Natural Vitality Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml Women's Fragrance


In Regards to your perfumes that you're Selling are they Genuine?

Yes they are we only sell genuine products,  We have been selling perfumes for over 5 years,  We work with suppliers that are verified and are fully audited.  Our reputation is very important to us therefore we take quality control very seriously 

When can I expect my parcel?

If you order your parcel before 2pm it will be dispatched the same.  We will then provide tracking information where you can check the whereabouts of your parcel.

How Can I track my parcel?

Once your order has been dispatched we will automatically add your tracking number,  We use a 48 hour tracking service, In some circumstances depending on location and availability the courier may even be able to deliver next day. You can track your parcel throughout its journey from depot scan right through to delivery. 

How do I get in touch if I have a problem?

Simply message us on the ebay messaging system , we will respond within 1 business day to offer a solution. 

Do you offer returns?

Normally most if not all our are customers are very satisfied.   Instances of return are very rare, we always send goods that as described in listings as well as adding extra protection to the parcel during courier transit.  If you however do decide to return the goods we ask that you abide by the following conditions.  1) Items Must be returned in their original condition, packaging unopened 2) Item must be returned within 30 days of receipt of goods. 


What are fragrances and what are perfumes?
A fragrance is a mixture of organic products that produce a distinct smell.
A perfume is shaped with fragrant essential oils sourced from plants or synthetic compounds.
To emit a pleasant smell, such as for perfume, cologne or aftershave,
Here are the different types of perfume.
Perfumes are classified into 3 main groups, which are based on the most abundant constituents of the fragrance.
Eau de parfum
Because parfum/extrait displays a 20–30% concentration of fragrance,
it is compatible with
Although perfume is a specific type of fragrance,
it contains a high concentration of fragrance. It usually, and most often, carries a significant price tag. As it relies on plant-based materials and essential oils,
it will tend to be thicker than the other types of fragrances, and will be able to be used more sparingly.
Normally, it will last longer, up to
Perfumesare, on an average, of a 15–20% concentration of a fragrance.
Eau de parfum is the cheapest of the fragrance types. Also, because of its lighter, shorter-lasting nature, it is more popular than the other fragrance types.
Eau de toilette
Eau de toilette has a 5–15% concentration of fragrance.
On the other hand, a burst eau de toilette is a cheaper, younger alternative to colognes with high percentages of essential oils.
They wear off slowly and last up to three hours.
An eau de cologne is 2–4% fragrant.
Eau de cologne has a materially lower fragrance concentration to create a very light form of cologne.
It is primarily used in fragrances designed primarily for males. Aftershave refers to a fragrance designed primarily for men, as an aftershave lasts much longer than a splash-on fragrance and it is much stronger.
The term derives from the Venus de Milo sculpture. Cologne is defined as “the French vocabulary eau for water and by extension a French [water]mixture”.
Eau de cologne
Some colognes have a 2–4% concentration of fragrance.
Cologne or cologne offers a very lightformulation.
It is most commonly used in fragrances for men to be used as an aftershave or splash-on.
It dissipates quickly and lasts about 2 hours.
Cologne as a eau de cologne contains a low level of a fragrance to create a light formulation.
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