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Christina Aguilera Perfumes


Christina Aguilera is an American pop star and actress who has gained popularity; this has allowed her to start her fragrance line with the brand name Christina Aguilera - it is definitely a best buy. The perfumes are targeted towards women, with a total of 20 perfumes in the fragrance base. Notable women’s perfume includes the Christina Aguilera perfume which has a very fruity, sweet and vanilla accord that is tailored towards usage in the daytime. Whereas the Christina Aguilera by night has very similar accords but is more tailored towards usage in the night time. Christina Aguilera perfume is also available in a women's gift set version, a popular set is the heart shaped red sin set which is available to buy at fragrance2go.

We offer all Christina aguilera perfumes for women.  See below. We offer free delivery on orders over £30.00

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