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COTY Fragrances

Who would ever believe that the biggest fragrance brand in the world started in someone’s home laboratory? Amazingly, that’s exactly the case for Coty. Formed by an amateur perfumer called Francois Coty in his Parisian home, this now global brand has led the way when it’s come to fashion fragrances since its humble beginnings in 1904. You’ll be familiar with more than a few of Coty’s scents, perhaps without even knowing it. Adidas, Jovan and Coty L'aimant perfume are part of their big hitting collection. But they also produce some of the world’s most popular celebrity scents, deodorants, cosmetics and body care ranges. And it’s this go-to selection of fragrance and beauty products continues to emboss Coty as a true global-leader. We have wide collection of Coty Perfumes. Shop Now!

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