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Best 4 Adidas Fragrances For Men

Best 4 Adidas Fragrances For Men

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 20 , 23

Best 4 Adidas Fragrances For Men


Adidas is a global clothing brand; the brand has seen major success in the sporting Arena. The brand now practically dominates the cheap perfume niche market with its excellently priced model to suit those people that prefer something at the lower end of the market.

 An Adidas perfume typically costs is under £10. In this article we’re going to recommend the top 4 adidas fragrance for men. Each that has a unique scent and a comparison to the major brands such as Hugo Boss and Armani Code.


Adidas Dynamic Pulse

Adidas dynamic pulse is a long-time popular perfume that has been around since 1997.  A popular you wear doing the daytime, a summer type scent.

It has a mint, citrus type of feel to it, with touches of cedar, fruity notes, woody notes, tonka bean and floral notes.

The longevity of this perfume is moderate, lasting 4 hours at most, it is priced very low with a price of Approx. £6.99.

It is very similar to Cool water by Davidoff. it cannot compete with the Davidoff perfume in quality but the texture is very similar. 

Adidas Dynamic perfume for men is more predominately worn after the gym session. but you can get away with wearing it on a casual meet.






Adidas Pure Game

Moving onto the pure game by adidas, this again is a summer vibe daytime perfume. 

With fresh spicy texture, a citrus and woody aroma, going further into the notes there are signs of amber, green and lavender.

The longevity isn’t as strong as the dynamic pulse however it has gained popularity amongst the adidas audience.

Adidas pure game is similar to adidas extreme, and allure homme sport by Chanel.

Top Notes include grapefruit, mandarin orange, basil, pepper

Middle Notes include cypress, guaiac wood and lavender

Base Notes include tonka bean, sandalwood, incense and patchouli







 Adidas Sport Chrg

Adidas Sport Chrg is a strong spring / summer perfume that you would wear during the daytime.

Sport CHRG is known for being a woody aromatic fragrance for men, comparing the age it is very new compared to the other adidas fragrance for men first launched back in 2019.

Top Notes include grapefruit, kumquat, cardamom

Middle Notes include apple, salt, pine tree and juniper

followed by Base Notes which include cashmere wood, cedar and moss.

because of its strong aromatic feel it is very similar to Yves saint Laurent Y but a lot cheaper.

Longevity is much more improved in comparison to the pure game, with the scent lasting 5 hours plus.

The price of this perfume starts as low as only £7.00



Adidas Get Ready

Adidas get ready has gained recognition from the adidas perfume community, the perfume is available for both men and women.

The bottle is very vibrant, colours similar to a watermelon.

Get ready represents a fruity textile , it is very sweety aromatic , marine and woody. first launched back in 2014

Top Notes include sea notes, pineapple, mandarin orange

Middle Notes include exotic fruits, lavender and clary sage.

followed by Base Notes includes cedar, patchouli and sandalwood.

Price starts at £7.49




There you have it, 4 great adidas fragrances for men under £10.00 and you don’t have to break the bank to buy them.  

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