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How long does 30ml perfume last?

How long does 30ml perfume last?

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 18 , 23

How long does 30ml perfume last?


How long does a 30ml perfume actually last?

Buying perfumes can be very expensive, how long a perfume lasts depends on the intended purpose.  We all want to smell great. 

In this article we will discuss approximate the amount of spray you ought to be spraying which is just about right.

Too little and you won’t enjoy the scent and too much and you’re simply waste the usage unnecessarily.

Now if you don’t want to spray too much perfume but at the same time want to get a strong scent then we would recommend you buy EDC eau De cologne perfume type. 

It has a stronger concentration and scent.  It may also cost more however it means that you do not need to keep spraying the bottle.


What is the total number of sprays I can get from 1 x 30ml bottle?

In regards to how much spray you would get from a 30ml bottle lets first look at how much spray you would get from a single 1ml.

The Average depending on the actually atomizer (where the spray comes out from) produces approximately 10-15 sprays per 1ml.  

Therefore, from a perfume spray bottle of 30ml you would get in the region of about 300-450 sprays.

This is the same for men's fragrance as well as women's perfume alike. 


How much should I spray per day?

The average person sprays about 4-5 sprays for that daily usage. 

So, a typical perfume bottle would like approximately 60-75 days, if you were to use the perfume on a daily basis –

These numbers vary amongst different people; there are those that may use more frequently whereas others may just dap a couple of sprays. 

For a EDP Eau De Parfum you would be look at more much longer time frame simply because of the strength.

 However, the downside is that you would be spending more for the privileges.

We have made a Perfume product code type discussing the different perfume types for women and men’s fragrances.

Why not go check out that blog here. It goes into greater detail of the types of perfumes, the concentration, we also recommend which types of perfume suits you.  




Is a 30ml bottle of perfume spray a lot?

The size of a 30ml bottle is relatively small compared to what is available. 

Anything that is smaller it is a usually a 10ml pocket sized bottle or a sample 1ml spray.  The 30ml perfume spray is very lightweight and fits inside the palm of your hands – you can also take with you abroad and it is recommended and allowed when taking through the airport

The 30ml bottle is quite popular in availability. Most manufacturers such as Hugo Boss Perfume, adidas fragrance, Calvin Klein perfume and others produce a lot of their perfumes in 30ml.


Because they want to target that audience.

When does buying a 100ml Perfume bottle make sense?

Some people are quite hesitant in spending over £50-£60 or more on a 200ml perfume bottle. 

Sometimes there is not even a perfume tester or teaser for that specific perfume that they are intending to buy.

That’s why the 30ml perfume bottle might be just right, enough to get an understanding and feel for the perfume whilst at the same time spending significantly less. 

The audience of the 30ml perfume bottle is usually a newbie to the specific perfume scent that the manufacturer as released, or that they have come across it through word of mouth or maybe just through research.

 Once the user enjoys wearing the perfect scent, then their next purchase will usually be a bigger sized bottle usually 100-200ml. 

At this point the price is no longer an object simply because the customer has fallen in love with the perfume and wants to the enjoy the scent and also show it off.

Price comparison 30ml vs 200ml

Even though the 100-200ml is more expensive the 30ml. It really isn’t


Well, if you compare the pence per ml between the 200ml and the 30ml then you see that the cost is a lot less for the 200ml, in addition, the 200ml will last a lot longer.  There is a temptation to splash more when you got a larger bottle though.



So there you have it a 30ml bottle may or may not get you far depending on your appetite and intended purpose.

You should get a rough estimate of how long it will last by following these best practises.


Fragrance2go has a huge selection on 30ml fragrances as well as 50ml, 100ml and of course the 200ml. They also have an auto order facility so if your perfume level ever gets low then a replacement will get sent out automatically.  why not check them out here today. We have men's fragrance's and women's perfume



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