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Best Police Perfumes for Men

Best Police Perfumes for Men

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 28 , 23

Best Police Perfumes for Men 


Police is a fashion house Icon first founded back in 1983. At the start the brand first sold sunglasses followed by other products.  Today Police sells all sorts off Fashion accessories not to mention Police Perfume for Men and Women.


The first fragrance was launched way back in 1997.  Since then, year over year, it has been releasing notable perfumes that have been popular amongst the masses. 


In this article we're going to recommend 4 best Police Perfumes for Men that we believe are an excellent gift for men whether that be your husband, father or brother.  Alternatively uses can also be for yourself on a special occasion or that your wish to switch it up a bit and try what police perfumes have to offer.  We will also be releasing the best Police Perfumes for women in the coming months so please don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. Police to be Camouflage

Police to be Camouflage is one of the many well-known best buy perfumes for men in the police collection. The fragrance is more of an Amber Fougere fragrance for men first launched back in 2015, it is a daytime spring perfume loved amongst the fragrance community.  The main accords include Aromatic, green, vanilla, with touches of fruity warm spicy, sweet, fresh spicy, amber and final touches of woody and cinnamon. The bottle itself is not glass but a tough popular skull-shaped flacon with the camouflage style and colours to represent the police perfume model.


The Camouflage by police comes in various different bottle sizes including 40, 75 and 125ml and perfume style Eau De Toilette.


Top notes for Camouflage by police red apple, mint, cardamom and lemon

middles notes: cinnamon, rhubarb, lavender, solar notes, Ozonic notes, nutmeg and violet.

Finally base notes include Vanilla, tonka bean, amber, Haitian vetiver, orange blossom. woodsy notes and cashmere wood.


The longevity is fairly moderate approximately 5 hours

With the silage also being moderate for the men’s Camouflage fragrance by police.


Price £17.99 from fragrance2go



  1. Police to be bad guy for men.


Again, another Amber Fogere fragrance for men, the police to be bad guy perfume was recently launched back in 2020 and has left a lasting impression amongst fragrance and police perfume fans. with fans queuing to buy more.  In recently ratings it has achieved an impressive 9/10.


Accords for the Police to Be Bad guy include aromatic, green fresh spicy, caramel, sweet, vanilla, fruity, citrus and finally powdery and fresh.


The notes for the Bad guy perfume are:


top notes - blood orange, mint, nutmeg, green notes, red thyme

middle notes include - green apple, sorbet, geranium and white flower.

finally base notes include -

Caramel, vanilla, vetiver, tonka bean and musk.


Since its launch back in 2020 the bad guy police perfume for men

has been going from strength to strength with fragrance demand curve trending upwards.


The Bad guy perfume resembles the most wanted Parfum by Azzaro.


Priced at £19.69 from fragrance2go


  1. Imperial Patchouli Police



Moving onto the third fragrance for men is the Imperial Patchouli Police. This is no doubt one of my favourite perfumes. It is very much a limited-edition perfume - it is very rare to acquire only a few police fragrance specialist perfume supply the Imperial Patchouli perfume.  luckily, fragrance2go stocks this item and there a direct link left below. 


The reason why this is such an awesome fragrance is that the moment you spray the perfume - you get a strong hit of a woody chypre which is very difficult to explain; the scent kicks in straight away and it mesmerizes you to the point where you actually admire and give the attention of this unique perfume. You also start to think about good times and places you can really show this perfume off.

Imperial Patchouli is more leaned towards an autumn perfume however you could get away with consuming it all year around. 

The main accords are woody mixed patchouli, geared in with citrus, warm spicy, earthy, balsamic. As you explore the perfume further you get a green and fresh spicy aroma. The perfume for men was first launched back in 2015, it is impossible to dislike this perfume and star ratings have given this a 9 out of 10.

Moving onto the notes the top notes for the Imperial Patchouli are

Bergamot, mandarin orange and spices, with middle notes include green notes and floral notes and finally base notes earth with patchouli and woody notes.


Imperial Patchouli - longevity is moderate, the approximate time is 4 hours. Imperial Patchouli is also great value for money with the price starting at £15.99


  1. To Be Exotic Jungle for Man Police for men


Last but certainly not least is the To Be Exotic Jungle for Man Police for men.  The exotic jungle is coming to its 4th anniversary first launched back in 2019. Known for its woody spicy fragrance for men, the to be exotic lives up to its name as the green, citrus, fruity scent automatically envisions you on a hot sunny amazing island.  The colour visual effects make it a very vibrant perfume as with all exotic ranges.  As you explore further into the accords, you also reach further exploration with woody and fresh spicy accords. It definitely has a fresh, aromatic rose, powdery and musky feel to it.


Exotic to be is very similar to the L12 Lacoste fragrance, simply because of the dominant citrus texture.

Top notes for the Exotic to be include: -

green notes, bergamot, mandarin orange and pepper.

Middle notes include apple and rose

and finally base notes include

vetiver, sandalwood, musk and cedar.


The longevity for the Exotic is be is slightly more with an approximately longevity being 5 hours.


For the larger bottle of 125ml the price is £21.99



For all new Police perfumes for men and women why not check out the full collection here. fragrance2go is always update their Police Perfumes And Fragrances range to ensure you get the greatest and latest police perfumes at low prices.


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