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How To Tell If Perfume Is Fake

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 22 , 23

How To Tell If Perfume Is Fake

Buying perfume online can be a fun and exciting experience.
You’re spending your hard-earned money on luxury goods for yourself or for somebody as a special gift. 
But what if the goods you received were fake?
How would you feel?
Well, firstly you would feel as though you have been cheated, dishearten, upset and resented – and maybe even feel foolish.
“How come I did not pick it up in the first place?”

In this article, were going to discuss 6 things you can look at out for when buying perfume online – To prevent yourself from receiving fake perfume.   

There are always tell-tail signs that something is not right and, in this article, we’re going to go int detail to spot the real perfume from the fake perfume

  1. Firstly, when buying perfume online ask the following questions: -

- Is the fragrance shop your buying a registered business?

- Are they a limited company?

- How long have they been in business?

- Are they an established business?

- Can the business be contacted, phone, email or both?

- Does the website have an about us page, FAQ guide, shipping policy?

- Do they have verified reviews for example from Trustpilot. Normally customers that buy perfume online will normally leave a product/business review to sum up their experience when buying perfume from that business –

Usually, a 5-star review is an indication that the good was good. Go in depth and read the reviews.


                HELPFUL TIP

Don’t just Shop on eBay and amazon for Perfumes – The problem with buying perfumes from these platforms are that although eBay & amazon are giant companies, they are 3rd party platforms -


 what that means is that any ‘cow boy’ can register in minutes & sell immediately.


That leaves you open to high risks of being sold fake perfumes.


Therefore, we would recommend you stay away from these platforms




  1. Check the price you’re purchasing the perfume for – If you’ve purchased the intended perfume before then you will roughly know what the price is,

 it should be relatively similar,


 if it is being sold for a discount check why?

-does the seller have a sale, are they closing down?

-Is it just that product and the rest are the normal price?


If it is none of these then it usually is too good to be true.



If you had seen a Hugo Boss Perfume for Men 100ml selling for £10.00 then straight away something is not right. Usually, these perfumes retail for £40.00.  If something is too good to be true it usually is.



  1. Check packaging cellophane wrap

Legit perfumes normally have a cellophane tightly wrapped around the boxes.

A tell tail sign that the perfume maybe counterfeit is that it is improperly wrapped and may suggest it is counterfeit.

does it even have cellophane?

  Certain perfumes are an exception for example certain Adidas perfumes tend not to have cellophane.  However, a very experience Versace perfume you would expect it to be tightly wrapped with cellophane without any question.   

  1. Inspect the packaging - high quality paperboard.

Fake Perfumes will likely give signs that they are fake for example very poor packaging,

 very poor imitation of the logo or brand their trying to copy. 

Check the grammar - Normally fake perfumes usually have misspelling and poorly laid out information.


  1. check serial barcode

fake perfumes usually have fake barcodes, because the fraudster is imitating numerous perfumes, they are unlikely to get it right every time.  Search googles for the barcode.


If you’re still unsure we’d recommend you continue reading this article as the next steps will give you a very clear indication as to whether the perfume is genuine or fake





  1. Quality of the perfume - Now is the make or break, you will definitely get an understanding as to whether the perfume is Fake or genuine.

Firstly, check the bottle itself does it look real or fake?

Fake perfumes bottles will look nowhere as good as the genuine bottle, the printing will also be very poor.  

Test the perfume out, spray on hand, smell the first glimpse.


Does the scent feel strong?  

This test is quite complex and you may not be able to pick up, its more for those people that are experienced.



Start spraying the perfume over you, after a while an hour or so ,

check that the perfume is still going strong.

Can you still smell the scent?

If the longevity is usually 3-4 hours, does it feel within those hours that you can still smell the perfume? 

If the scent fades away after only those 20 minutes it’s definitely a fake perfume.

Fraudsters will mix the 5-10% genuine perfume with 90% water or other chemicals just to increase the volume.


Understanding layers


All perfumes come with layers basically the ingredients to go inside it. 

It is broken down in top, middle and base notes.

Top notes you will identify straight away, whereas the middle and base notes you will pick up much later on. 

We would recommend you research the notes for the perfume you’re buying to identify the notes. 

If for any reason you cannot pick it up. 

It may be as suspected fake perfume.

Fake Perfume you may get a small hint of the top notes but the middle and base notes are non-existent.

fake perfumes lack the complexity of the layered notes and lack the natural ingredients.


At frangrance2go we have a specialised YouTube channel where go into longevity in depth, we do various different perfume reviews on the most popular perfumes. We also offer perfumes reviews on request, why not go check it out and subscribe it will save you time.


Out of the 6 check boxes about 5 should be ticked.

If its dramatically less than this then its likely a fake Perfume. 

At fragrance2go we strive to ensure all our customers receive excellent customer service,

we vet our suppliers thoroughly before working with them,

we sample perfumes regularly. 

We are proud to say all our perfumes are genuine and need to not have to worry about authenticity , why not shop today with peace of mind, we have fragrances for men and perfume for women.







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