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Why is perfume so expensive?

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 19 , 23

Why is perfume so expensive?


Why are brands charging extortionate prices for fragrances, and people are paying them?

This is what we are going to discuss in this article. In today’s age where the cost of living is going up, inflation at an all-time high –

It only adds to the stress when pick the perfect fragrance at a high price tag.

Perfume is not a necessity however, with its delicate scent when you light up the room when you enter its just something we cannot say no too.

So lets dive right in

So firstly, to make that beautiful aromatic scent it requires ingredients,
most of the ingredients don’t just grow overnight, grow anywhere and at anytime of the year.
For e.g., Jasmine it takes approximately 240000 flowers to make just on ounce of oil which is a very important ingredient. 
In other instances, certain ingredients can only be sourced directly from one country
for example Bulgarian Rose comes from a single location in Bulgaria, because of this scarcity the prices will slight be dearer. 
Other ingredients causing the prices to increase include oud, ambergris & orris.
When it comes to perfumes major brands wont necessarily compete on the price but rather on marketing and capturing a specific audience whether that be Women’s perfume for women or men’s fragrance for men.
The objective is to capture a slice of the potential huge and ever-growing fragrance market.
Large companies such as Hugo Boss and Dior will spend millions on advertising via different channels as well as influencer marketing, where they will pay celebrities huge funds to showcase their latest perfume.
Although the marketing maybe a small % of these companies’ revenue it will still affect the bottom line - the price the consumer pays.
As you’re probably aware when buying perfume, you notice the attention to detail gone into the packaging – it is no ordinary package –
the purpose is the make you feel special and get that warm experience not just from when you spray that scent but the whole process before that.
The brand wants you to feel special with its prestige element to it – That something special is coming.
Again, in addition to the marketing there is a cost element that the manufacturer has to factor into the overall cost of the perfume.
The brands that are involved is selling perfumes are generally prestige brands such as Hugo Boss, Versace, Gucci.  
Outside the perfume realm these companies sell their merchandising at a premium to upkeep their image as a premium brand. 
You do get a few niche manufacturers that sell at the lower end of the market such as adidas perfumes.
Importation & Taxes
Due to ingredients the perfume will be manufactured in one country and distributed to another. 
There are several costing elements involved such as logistics and also importation costs when arrived at customs. 
Finally, Tax is required to be added onto the finally sale price. 
For e.g in the UK throughout the sales channel VAT is charged at 20% therefore a perfume sold to the end consumer at £40 means the consumer pays £33.33 plus £6.66 for the tax element. 
There is a similar method for Europe and the USA.
There maybe customers that argue that it is expensive however others are paying for the premium of the product, again there are available cheaper alternatives to suit everybody’s taste.
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