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How to Store Perfume The Correct Way

How to Store Perfume The Correct Way

  • Samheel Iqbal
  • Aug, 26 , 23

How to Store Perfume the correct way


Your favourite perfume is your pride and joy.

Think about how it makes you feel, turning heads and getting multiple complements off admirers your fragrance. 

Yes, perfumes do have expiration dates but you need to make sure that you're storing the perfume away correctly even to the point when it expires, because it is proven that if in any way that you store your perfume incorrectly it can lose its perfume quality by up to 65%.

 We have created this article to aid you in ensuring that your perfume is stored correctly to prolong the shelf life of your perfume.


The Most obvious and important rule is to keep your perfume away from direct sunlight to maintain a consistent room temperature.

In addition, ensuring that the perfume is kept up right to prevent damage to the perfume bottle.



Sunlight exposure and too much of it can damage a perfume bottle, we advise you store them in darker places potentially a closed closet or drawer.


Away for young children and babies

Young children and toddlers have a curious mindset; they are always exploring, and when they see a perfume bottle their natural instinct is to play with the bottle. 

Firstly, there is a danger element that a child may swallow the perfume or the components such as the lid. 

Other consequences include the lid getting lost rendering the bottle useless or very difficult to use. The bottle breaking meaning you will be required to dispose of the perfume not to mention potential damage caused to carpet or furniture.

 In these instances, to prevent these we would recommend you store the perfume at the highest point of the shelve and not visible also or maybe locking away in a cupboard.


The right temperature

Really high or low temperature can affect the quality of your fragrance. 

You may want to store it away somewhere in the home where the temperature does not dramatically change.

Stay away from places like the bathroom, due to dampness and somethings it can get very cold. 

We would recommend a storage cupboard or inside the bedroom.


Avoid humidity

Again, as mentioned previous avoid the bathroom due to humidity.

As a general rule try keeping the house humid free by ensuring good ventilation in every room.

Open windows where you can or even invest in a dehumidifier, just so you get good quality air, poor quality causes damp and more importantly the quality of your perfume to begins to deteriorate and loses its quality.  


Avoid Shaking the bottle

Many people get into the habit of shaking the perfume.  Remember it is not a deodorant and should not be treated like one. Excess shaking exposes the perfume to excess air which can be more harmful than useful, gradually as a result the quality and performance of the perfume begins to deteriorate.

Check out the helpful video content on how to store perfume the correct way




Maybe store in a fridge if it’s not too cold.

if you’re a fragrance junkie; someone that is obsessed with fragrance then why not give it a go to store your perfume inside a fridge - studies have shown that the temperature is generally consistent.

If you do decide to store in a fridge just let others know it’s a perfume and not fit for consumption.


store the perfume in boxes. why? because boxes further protect the perfume from heat and sunlight - ensure the cap is firmly sealed.


There you go top tips on how to store your perfume to get the maximum quality usage. 

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